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Laser cutting

Laser cutting - Offer

We encourage you to use this form of treatment, among others, due to the high quality of the cut edge of the material. This allows you to obtain ready-made elements that do not require further finishing treatment.
Maximum sheet size: 2000 x 6000 mm
Cutting thickness: stainless steel - 30mm, structural steel - 25mm, aluminum - 15mm
- high quality and precision, repeatability and ability to create the most complex shapes,
- 100% compatibility associated with the repeatability of further details,
- laser cutting up to a thickness of 25 millimetres,
- lasers equipped with features of engraving, marking,
- full processing of acid-resistant and stainless steel sheets,
- high cutting accuracy, reaching even 0.1 mm,
-each order is executed immediately, we keep prearranged appointments,
- each client is treated individually, each client receives an individual valuation and professional help,
- our traders and experienced technologists of sheet metal processing are available to the customers,
- we deal with prototyping and implementation of large-scale production,
- we accept orders for non-standard components, requiring precision and advanced technology,
- we confirm each order by written acceptance of the order.